CloudTx Ecosystem

1) The CloudTx Blockchain

The EVM-compatible blockchain is the decentralized, permissionless backbone of the CloudTx ecosystem.

2) The chain-related infrastructure maintained by the CloudTx team.

This includes, among others, the official CloudTx RPC module, the testnet, certain key subgraphs, the official multichain bridge connecting CloudTx Chain to BNB Chain, Ethereum and others chain, also include the CloudTx Staking and Farming

3) CloudTx Dex, Locker and Launchpad

Usually Blockchain using third party for their locker, thats why Cloudtx come with this idea so we will add more security in our ecosystem. It will be anti rugpull ecosystem. Liquidity lockers enable project developers to enhance investors’ trust in the project by showcasing that the liquidity is locked up and that the Developer/Team cannot drain (remove) the liquidity arbitrarily, leaving investors counting massive losses. CloudTx will also have Laundpad to complete CloudTx ecosystems.

4) CloudTx Cex

Investment on crypto is everyone's right. For this reason, CloudTx are determined to build a crypto asset investment ecosystem that can make it easy for ordinary people to start investing without obstacles.

5) CloudTx Wallet

CloudTx has also launched a mobile application for its users which enables users to manage their digital assets on the go and make fast and secure transactions. CloudTx Wallet is designed to be highly secure and safe, smart contracts are used to secure the private keys. CloudTx ecosystem is mapped out to be fully decentralized to protect the data. CloudTx wallet is an open source which means the records are transparent and public, distributed ledger technology is used.

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