CloudTx Chain Consensus

Consensus refers to the agreement process between nodes in a network. The nodes must agree on which transactions to include in the next block on the chain before these transactions are committed.

CloudTx Chain uses Delegate Proof of Stake (dPoS).

To participate in securing network consensus, a node operator must run node and must stake the minimum required amount of CLD coin (currently set at 250,000 CLD). The need for CLD staking ensures that an entity cannot create multiple apparently disparate validators without incurring significant costs. Currently, the number of validators on the CloudTx Chain can reach 100 validators. Over time, validators can expect to issue blocks equal to their share of the total stock.

Since CloudTx Chain uses dPoS, validators can increase their share by withdrawing CLD coins from the delegator. Validators who violate consensus rules (by, for example, not disclosing random numbers) can expect their shares (including delegator contributions) to be frozen. This provides a strong incentive for the validator to behave in the desired way.

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