Learn about the CloudTx Platform

CloudTx Chain is Delegate Proof of Stake blockhain with almost zero fees & gas for transaction. CloudTx chain aims to balancing act between security, decentralization, and scalability. CloudTx strives to be the consumer and environmental friendly for mass adoption. CloudTx aims to create a complete, secure, cheap, scalable and environmental friendly blockchain ecosystems.

CloudTx is inspired by the words "cloud," which means storage, and "tx," which means transaction. A complete blockchain ecosystem that has a launchpad, locker, dApps, and a DeFi wallet, CloudTx was created to address concerns about the lack of security in transactions with an anti-rug-pull system in its locker. CloudTx is a community blockchain where developers can make contracts easily on the network and investors can get security when transacting. In the future, CloudTx will also develop DEX, NFT, and Metaverse within its ecosystem.

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